May 8, 2024 | Research, Tours

2024 Heritage Tour

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Hello Friends!

Here’s a video about our recent heritage tour adventure in Tyshkivtsi of Ivano-Frankivsk province with a brave Canadian customer. Yes, we did it despite the war.

It’s been amazing to find distant relatives, old family houses, photos, and burials, learn about the ancestors’ fates, and enjoy the local energy. The local hospitality is immense, as always. Their desire to help is even bigger.

This video has been created to help the customer preserve her precious memories. 

We do Virtual Tours as well. May you need any assistance with your family research, a virtual tour of your ancestral village, or just have questions about your Ukrainian origin, feel free to get in touch

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Love from Ukraine.


P.S.: Here’s the recommendation we have just received.

My sincere heartfelt gratitude I send to the loving, helpful, and tremendously hospitable people of Tyshkivtsi, in my grand reunion with my maternal heritage. Thank you for your extraordinary kindness, gentleness, and numerous hours of information sharing. Unlocking the long awaited 20th century mysteries has been an extraordinary and fulfilling experience.

Aggressor controls, family silence, generational loss of reading Cyrillic cursive writing skills, and undeveloped technology resulted in a vacuum of ancestral information for my Galician rooted family.

Curiosity through DNA testing, translations, and illegible church records led me to the the next steps of hiring a reputable, experienced, Ukrainian genealogist company. Dorosh Heritage Tours and Ancestry Research by Andriy Dorosh, is answering my ancestral questions dating back to before 1876 with fact-filled detailed reports, including family members’ prisoner related innocent offences.

They have successfully connected me to my roots through:

  • seeing the peaceful countryside where my beloved grandparents were born,
  • safely leading my feet onto the Ukraine village black soil of my great-grandparents,
  • hearing the melodic sounds of the songbirds, smelling the fragrance of the local flowers,
  • tasting the delicious native culinary delights,
  • breathing in the life giving air,
  • and joining the beats of my heart with the heart of the motherland.

These precious gift-of-a-lifetime experiences has created a sense of fulfillment and contentedness in the present. We highly recommend the genealogy services of Dorosh Heritage Tours! Our Dorosh’s tailor made experience included the following:

💥 Personal Lviv station pick up

💥 Delicious breakfast and lunch restaurant and hotel recommendations

💥 Currency withdrawal assistance

💥 Ukraine SIM card purchase assistance

💥 Significant Lviv archives Tyshkivtsi map research

✝️ Presenting the spectacular, intricate, decorative, St. Andrew’s Lviv Catholic Church

💥 Driving to and from Ivano-Frankivst, and remote Tyshkivtsi

💥 Making family tree references

💥 Villager conversation translations

💥 Social etiquette information provisions

💥 Development of village elder leads

💥 Listening attentively

💥 Sensitivity to culture

💥 Locating ancestral addresses

💥 Photography and Videography Thank you to @Andriy Dorosh, your talented wife, and your prompt, exemplary research team for your extraordinary work, and creating magnificent lasting memories for me!