We specialize in custom tours in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia for individuals and small groups.

And we really mean custom.

Every client we work with is looking for a unique experience or is tracing their personal family history, so no two trips are the same.

While each tour is unique, they all have a few things in common, including:

  • Professional, English-speaking local tour guides
  • Land transportation in a modern air-conditioned car or van with comfortable seats
  • Hand-picked accommodations based on your preferences for ratings, amenities, and character
  • Expert local advice to build an itinerary just for you based on your timeframe and budget
  • Translation services in local languages and dialects

Our tours each have something different to offer

and they can be combined to give you everything you’re looking for.

See our options below:

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Heritage Tours

Ready to explore your family heritage and the lives of your ancestors?

Our Heritage Tours are where you can start creating your journey through history.

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Virtual Tours

Interested in seeing the region and your heritage from the comfort of your home?

Our Virtual Tours can help you visit from a distance.

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Cultural Tours

Want to experience authentic culture and beautiful landscape?

Our Cultural Tours are a great place to start envisioning what your trip could look like.

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Client Experiences

Every experience with Dorosh is unique and tailored.

Here are a few examples of where our clients journeys have taken us:

Dale’s Story

Genealogy Research, Heritage Tour

He knew his mother was born and raised in Canada with parents and siblings from Ukraine, and his father was born and raised in Ukraine and emigrated to Canada as a young man. Dale and his siblings had asked questions on occasion but unfortunately, both parents passed away before they...

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Vera’s Successful Family Research

Genealogy Research

I have always been interested in visiting Ukraine. Ever since I was a child, I would listen to the many stories of my grandmother. I tucked these stories away, remembering the village name, knowing one day I would see where my grandmother lived. When Ukraine declared its independence, I was a...

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Medvedivtsi Local Research

Genealogy Research

Finding lost relatives, locating an ancestral plot and the burials of the ancestors or just creating a Virtual Tour to show what the village is like are the main goals we set to achieve by doing local research in the villages. I would like to take you Medvedivtsi village in present day...

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