Feb 24, 2021 | History, video

Bukovyna – Ukrainian Land. 1940 Soviet Propaganda Film. Part 2

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The 2nd part of the Soviet propaganda film (read more about it in the previous post) lets us see Bukovyna in the 1940s. However, the lifestyle of our ancestors in rural and mountain areas had been the same for centuries and it’s a chance to see what things were like hundreds of years ago!

Here is the list of the topics covered in the video to choose for those who would not like to get overdosed with propaganda and the sickly tone of the narrator:

00:00-00:25 – Romanian police.

00:25-1:05 – The “happiness” of the “liberated”.

1:05-2:45 – Harvesting season and collecting crops.

2:45-3:25 – University in Chernivtsi.

3:25-4:25 – Village school.

4:25-5:50 – Beechwoods and timber manufacturing industry.

5:50-7:08 – Bukovynian village and architecture.

7:08-9:15 – Bukovynian art (painting, woodcarving, music, embroidering).

9:15-11:05 – Manufacture of clothes and typical Bukovynian outfit.


The video makes the people, houses and plots we find when doing genealogy research real. 

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