Apr 20, 2021 | History, video

Bukovynian Wedding. 1940 Soviet Propaganda Film. Part 3

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I hope you will like seeing a real old Bukovynian wedding too. Now I can imagine what kind of reality is behind a marriage record that we find in metrical books. It is a very special gem if your roots come from the village of Toporivtsi or a nearby area. 

Try to notice different details in the video and you’ll be able to make some interesting conclusions. For example, understand how respected the elderly people were when I saw the host of the wedding kissing the hand of the guest (02:38). 

I did not want to translate the narration. It’s arrogant and abusive. The part about the Bukovynian dance is especially disgusting. If you have already seen 2 previous parts (check the previous posts if you have not), you know that it’s a Soviet propaganda film since 1940. However, I have still decided to do it and add captions because it opens a different perspective. It provides so much more additional information about the attitude of the Soviets. I’m sure you’ll be able to make conclusions after you watch it. 

Thus, enjoy this trip back in time! 

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