May 22, 2023 | History, News, video

Day 449. Thoughts about the Year of War

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Hello Friends,

How are you doing? Hope all is well with you and your families!

We often study the history of the families that lived during the times of WWI and WWII as part of our genealogy research projects. It has always been fascinating to discover information about those events and put it together to create a real story. To see how the wars influenced the fates of so many of them. To understand how the experience of our ancestors has influenced us and our behavior today. 

Some of those family stories have become very live today. I can feel what was happening then because we are witnessing the same events. So many family stories are being repeated and we are part of this process. 

This video includes the thoughts of our friends, the Ukrainians living in different parts of our country on what is happening today.  It’s the time when we ask many important questions. It’s been very interesting to work on the video as it includes some of the answers. You may find it interesting too, especially if you have Ukrainian blood in your veins or your ancestors come from this area.

Since the start of the hot war, we have successfully been working to supply Humanitarian Aid and equipment to the military in Ukraine. In March of 2022, DHT formed a working partnership with the Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation ( with its head office in Calgary, Alberta. CSUF exclusively raises funds on its website for the exclusive use of DHT to finance DHT’s Humanitarian Aid projects. 

Our joint effort makes the lives of those who suffer easier. We all hope that it will also make our victory and peace that all Ukrainians dream about closer.  

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Love from Ukraine! 

Andriy Dorosh