old map of Vyspa

Vera’s Successful Family Research

Genealogy Research

I have always been interested in visiting Ukraine. Ever since I was a child, I would listen to the many stories of my grandmother. I...

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Last pictures with our family

Closing the Loop. Our Return to Ancestral Homeland

Heritage Tour

It is a real honor to post this travelogue on my website. It was written by the clients who have become my friends. Thank you...

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Leah story photo

Leah’s heritage tour in Western Ukraine

Genealogy Research, Heritage Tour

She remembers the stories Baba would tell of her life and those stories stayed with Leah long after her Baba passed away. “My Baba told...

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My wife Andrea myself and our daughter Marnie

Dale’s Story

Genealogy Research, Heritage Tour

He knew his mother was born and raised in Canada with parents and siblings from Ukraine, and his father was born and raised in Ukraine...

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