Feb 20, 2023 | History

February 24 Message. Honor to Heroes.

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Dear Friends,

The tragic loss of life, thousands of critically injured civilians and troops, broken fates, loss of livelihood, damage, and loss of property – it all is happening in my country today. It is devastating. The full-scale Russian invasion that started a year ago turned the world of so many people upside down and it is still taking the lives of the best.  

Let us commemorate the heroes who gave their lives for freedom, to Ukraine, to its people, and keep giving their lives, day after day. Honor to Heroes. Lest we forget.
A year is a milestone but there have been many more milestones in the perception of the Ukrainians since Feb 24, 2022. The perception of time has changed. A week can sometimes feel like one year. A day can be like one year. Every day is a new day of fighting: physical, mental, psychological, and emotional. Every day, millions of Ukrainians wake up to do as much for victory as possible. Each in his or her own way. Someone at point zero, someone in the home front. Often in a small way but still as much as one can, we help each other. We are learning to live today to escape burnout. Every day we try to make our lives normal. Every day is a milestone.
We have received this flag from the front. It was signed by the soldiers of the 115th Mechanized Brigade and 128th Mountain Assault Brigade: mortar, medical, and investigation units.
flag from the front

Their gratitude is big. It motivates us to keep working. Our support and care help them to go on. This fight would not be possible without the support of many people of the world who believe in freedom too. It’s very important to know you stand with Ukraine today. It is inspiring. It gives more hope. Only united we are strong. 
There are many more milestones on the way. I believe that some of them will be much happier.

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Love from Ukraine. 
Andriy Dorosh