Your Family Story Starts Here

This is often the first step in the journey our clients take with Dorosh Heritage Tours and Ancestry Research

Each research project we do is different, but they all have a few things in common:

A clear roadmap

Every project starts with FREE preliminary research that will determine the likelihood of discovering information on your family, what it would involve, and how much it will cost.

Local genealogy researchers

All research is conducted through our network of local experts who know where to find the answers you’re looking for.

A comprehensive family report

A completely personalized report with all the information we were able to find about your ancestors, such as names, dates, places, interesting facts, and copies of archive documents.

Genealogy Research Services

We conduct all kinds of research to help you dig into your family’s roots. Our services can take you through the whole research process or can fill in any missing pieces that you need to complete your own research.

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Locating Your Ancestral Village

This is the starting point for every project, since this will tell us where we can find records of your ancestors. Often, our clients aren’t sure what the name of the town was. Not to worry…that’s exactly the kind of thing we love to figure out.

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Archive Research

Our researchers look for any available records in the local and state archives that share information about who your ancestors were to help you fill in missing branches on your family tree. We take photocopies or order official copies of records wherever possible so that you can see the documents as they appear. We also translate these documents for you so you know exactly the information they share.

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Local Village Research

Once we know where your ancestors came from, our research team can travel to the village to interview elderly citizens, talk to authorities, locate the ancestral plot and house (where possible), and visit local cemeteries. Our research is thorough, which means if there is information to be found, we’ll find it.

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Document Translation

Our genealogy researchers are fluent in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish and are happy to translate old documents, records, family correspondence and interviews in your ancestral village for you.

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Discovering Living Relatives

In some cases, we may locate long lost relatives for you by interviewing locals and asking about any remaining family connections. While this is never a guarantee, it is something that we can explore with you to determine if your family tree has more branches than you realized.

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Digital Family Photo Album or Video

Our research in your ancestral village will result in professional photos that we’ll share with you in a digital photo album along with descriptive comments or a video story about your family history. This will give you a chance to see what your ancestral village looks like, from the sign at the entrance to the village through to the local shops and residents, landscape, landmarks, and nature. We’ll also include any historical photos of the village that we can find. Have a look at the part of the Virtual Tour video to get a feeling of what it can be like. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Since no two research projects are the same, we cost them based on the specifics of your story, your research, and your journey.

We understand that leaves a lot of uncertainty though, so we offer a 1 hour preliminary research which costs 30 EUR and outline exactly what the costs will be for the full research. Once you confirm you’d like to proceed, we take a 100% deposit to cover our researcher’s costs and typically finish the project within two months.

Tell the Whole Story

Our new product – a FAMILY HISTORY ALBUM which you can see below incorporates all the different types of family research we do to answer many questions of our customers about their heritage in Ukraine. 

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