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Name of the Town, its Variations and misspellings
Nowadays Administrative Location in Ukraine/Poland
Administrative Location before WWI
Administrative Location in the Interwar Period
Surnames I Dealt with and Their Various Spellings

Bitlia, Butlia, Butla, Bitla, Budky, Budki, Butlki, Benkiv, Bienkow, Bienków, Bokijma, Bokujma, Bokiyma, Bokuyma, Boguslav, Bohuslav, Bilogorodka, Białogródka, Bielogorodka, Bialogrodka, Bialogrod, Berezne, Bereźne, Berezno, Berestechko, Beresteczko, Berestetchka, Brestetchke, Brestitski, Beresteczo, Bronytsia, Bronica, Bronitsa, Bronitza, Batiatychi, Batiatycze, Batiatitche, Berezyna, Brzezina, Bzhezina, Berezina, Berezino, Brzezine, Babyntsi, Babince, Babińce, Babintsy, Babinci, Babinzi, Babintsi, Brzozowiec, Bzhozowiec, Bzozowiec, Berezovets, Berezowiec, Berezowec, Berezowets, Berestovets, Berestowiec, Berestowec, Berestovetz, Butsiv, Buców, Butsov, Butzov, Bucow, Butzow, Butsow, Budkiv, Budków, Budkow, Budkiw, Budkov, Butkow, Butkiw, Butkiv, Butkov, Bisovochka, Bilina

Bitlia in Turka Region, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine, Bokijma in Mlyniv Region, Rivne Oblast, Ukraine, Boguslav in Kyiv Province, Ukraine, Bilogorodka in Iziaslav Region, Khmelnytskyi Province, Ukraine, Berezne Region, Rivne Province, Berestechko in Gorokhiv Region, Volyn Province, Ukraine, Bronytsia, Drohobych Region, Lviv Province, Ukraine, Batiatychi, Kamianka Buzka Region, Lviv Province, Ukraine, Berezyna in Mykolaiv Region, Lviv Province, Ukraine, Babyntsi Dolishni, nowadays part of Rohatyn, Rohatyn Region, Lviv Province, Ukraine, Brzozowiec, Gmina Zagorz, Powiat Sanok, Podkarpackie, Poland, Berestovets and Wulka in Kostopil Region of Rivne Province, Butsiv, Mostyska Region, Lviv Province, Budkiv, Pustomuty District, Lviv Province, Ukraine

Butlia, County Turka, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, Budki Nieznanowskie, County Kamionka Strumilowa, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, Bokujma, County Dubno, Volyn Gubernia, Russian Empire, Boguslav, Kaniev Ujezd, Kiev Gubernia, Russia, Belogorodka, Zaslav Ujezd, Volhynia Gubernia, Russian Empire, Berezne, Rovno Ujezd, Volyn Gubernia, Russia, Berestechko, Dubno Ujezd, Volhynia Gubernia, Russia, Bronica, County Drohobych, Galicia, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, Batiatycze, County Kamionka Strumilowa, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, Brzezina, County Zydaczow, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, Babonce Dolne, County Rohatyn, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, Brzozowiec, Sanok County, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, Berestovets, Rovno Ujezd, Volhynia Gubernia, Russia, Bucow, Przemysl County, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, Budkow, Bobrka County, Galicia, Austria-Hungary

Butlia, Gmina Sianki, Powiat Turka, Lwow Voivodship, Budki Nieznanowskie, Gmina Nieznanow, Powiat Kamionka Strumilowa, Tarnopol, Poland, Bokujma, Gmina Kniahinin, Powiat Dubno, Wolynskie Voivodship (Lutsk), Poland, Boguslav, Kiev Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, USSR, Belogorodka, Kamienec-Podolski Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, USSR, Berezne, Berezne Gmina, Kostopol Powiat, Wolynske Wojewodztwo, Luck, Poland, Beresteczko, Gmina Beresteczko, Horochow Powiat, Wolynske Wojewodztwo, Luck, Poland, Bronica, Gmina Lisznia, Powiat Drohobycz, Lwowskie, Poland, Batiatycze, Gmina Kamionka Strumilowa, Powiat Kamionka Strumilowa, Lwow, Poland, Brzezina, Gmina Rozdol, Powiat Zydaczow, Stanislawow, Poland, Babince Dolne, Gmina Rohatyn, Powiat Rohatyn, Lwow, Poland, Bzhozowiec, Gmina Lukowe, Powiat Lesko, Lwowskie, Poland, Berestowiec, Gmina Kostopol, Powiat Kostopol, Wolynskie, Poland, Bucow, Gmina Stubno, Powiat Przemysl, Lwow, Poland, Budkow, Gmina Stare Siolo, Powiat Bobrka, Lwowskie, Poland

Bilyk, BiŁyk, Blajda, Blaida, BŁajda, Blicharski, Bliacharski, Bliaharski, Bliaharskyj, Boczarski, Bocharski, Bocharsky, Bogacki, Bohatskyj, Bogatski, Berezner, Beresner, Brzozowski, Bzhozowski, Bucholski, Buholski, Bednarczuk, Bednarchuk, Bodnarchuk, Boiko, Bojko, Bordun, Brandt, Bekker, Bialko, BiaŁko, Baranczik, Baranchik, Baranczuk, Baranchuk, Barasz, Barash, Baziak, Buchaj, Buczaj, Buchai, Babij, Baj, Bai, Bekerman, Bajtelman, Bern, Bordeniuk, Burdeniuk, Badiuk, Bilanchak, Baraniuk, Babiy, Bojczuk, Bojchuk, Bondaruk, Bodnaruk, Balan, Brusak, Bloch, Buchholts, Butkiewicz, Bahniuk, Bakhniuk, Baymak, Bajmak, Bereziak, Bodnarczuk, Bay, BurzyŃski, Burzynski, Bulsky, Bulskyj, Bohonos, Bogonos, Bohonis, Bogonis, Budylowski, BudyŁowski, Budylovskyi, Budytoruski, Bereza, B, Blazhej, BŁaŻej, Baronholtz, Benio, Boniuk, Blazny, BŁaŻny, Bosy, Bossy, Bosyi, Bosyj, Bosaczewski, Bosachewski, Bosachevskyi, Bodnik, Budnik, Blazej, Blazhey, Bodnar, Bobik, Bobyk, Byc, B, Byts, Bahnij, Bakhnij, Bulhak, Bulgak, Bartkowiak, Bodakowski, Bodakovskyi, Bolcun, Boltsun, Becher, Beher, Babiarz, Babiazh, Bihuniak, Biguniak, Bodyk, Bodik, Buryk, Burik, Barabasz, Barabash, Bodiuk, Bazar, Basar, Bacherowski, Baron, Bilanowa, Bilanova, Bilamurowa, Bilamurova, Balanyk, Balanik, Bilyj, Bilyi, Bilinski-miliszowicz, Bilinskyi-milishovych, Bernacki, Bernatskyi, Basaraba