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We’ve been fortunate to work with so many people. When we reflect on all the research we’ve done, it reminds us of how many new friends we’ve made and villages we’ve visited.

We’ve compiled over 1,600 surnames and over 180 villages that we’ve explored through our genealogy research work and made it available as a resource to help you get started in your own family research.

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Name of the Town, its Variations and misspellings
Nowadays Administrative Location in Ukraine/Poland
Administrative Location before WWI
Administrative Location in the Interwar Period
Surnames I Dealt with and Their Various Spellings

Адамівка, Adamówka, Adamiwka, Adamivka, Adamovka

Berezne Region, Rivne Province

Adamovka, Rovno Ujezd, Volyn Gubernia, Russia

Adamowka, Ludwipol Gmina, Powiat Kostopol, Wolynske, Wojewodztwo, Luck, Poland

Wiese, Rohloff, Rolow, Rolov, Shmidtke, Patzer, Pohl, Mauer, Sommerfeld, Erdman, Juster, Jaster, Libbholtz, Brandt, Bekker