Apr 1, 2021 | video

Kosmach Pysanka

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It is not easy to have a fresh look at the tradition of painting pysankas because it so popular! We’re seeing the photos of so many masterpieces everywhere and we know what the process is like in detail.

I wondered what attracts me in this little old video about Mrs. Olena Kushnirchuk from Kosmach, the egg painter (“egg writer” if you translate it directly from Ukrainian).

It is probably about the possibility to travel back in time. I love it. And the atmosphere of the mountain village.

Another thing is the personality of the egg painter. I only wish the sound had been added to this video and we could hear what she says and the way she speaks! It’s very interesting to see what her hands are like and how she can put amazingly elegant and intricate lines on the eggs. The sunny colors of her traditional Kosmach outfit add a very special warm mood. It does feel like real spring and real Easter!


P.S.: The video is part of the film titled “Near the sources of folk art”, made by a famous Ukrainian photographer Julian Dorosh, my namesake in  the 1960s. It was digitized and supplemented with a soundtrack by Ihor Tkachyk in 2020.

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Source: Lviv Photomuseum.