Dec 7, 2022 | History, Interview Project, Research, video

My Grandma’s Story

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This video has to do with my family history. At the time of war, family history feels very real. It’s when I start understanding better how the past shapes what we are like today. And how the present will influence our children. 

You can see my grandmother and part of her family in the photo below. She’s the only one of my grandparents left and the only one who I have managed to ask asked questions about the past. She’s wearing a wreath of ears of corn which are her favorite flowers. This photo was taken in 1939 right before WWII started. She was four years old then.

A lot has changed in the world since that time but some things have not and some things will probably not change. 

Grandma lived through WWII. She’s living through another war today when she is 87.  

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Andriy Dorosh