Dec 22, 2022 | Interview Project, Research, video

Natalka the Photographer from Myshyn

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Dear Friends,

I will introduce Natalka to you today. She was born in 1935. Our meeting took place in 2021 but I had a feeling it happened in a different reality when I have been working on her story recently. I have managed to get back to working on our Stories Our Grandparents Haven’t Told project.

Natalka was not able to answer the questions about life, art, or values. She went to school for half a year only. However, some of her photos are impressive. They are part of the past that’s disappearing. If you have Ukrainian roots, it’s a chance to learn about your ancestors’ life as well. 

Natalka lived in Myshyn which is at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains and she did not use the clock even back in 2021 when we met. She lived with the sun. 

Natalka passed away on Sep 20, 2022. I am very glad we met and we’ve saved her story.  

The full story is available on the Patreon page of the Stories Our Grandparents Haven’t Told Project.  

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I wish you all the best in the New Year and I hope it’ll be full of peace, warmth, laughter, and cheer.

Kind regards,

Andriy Dorosh