Nov 6, 2021 | History, Interview Project, video

Story #2. In the Ukrainian Mountains.

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Hello Friends,

Meet Vasyl. His house is located on a mountain, 30 min walk from the village. There’s no way to get to his place by car or any other vehicle. Only on foot or by horse. Vasyl was born on the same mountain 89 years ago. It’s his birthday today, November the 6th

Vasyl can’t walk down to the village anymore but he loves being on his mountain.

Vasyl’s life is pretty much the same as his ancestors’ life. It’s even hard to imagine what he has seen on his way but he’s one of the most positive people I have met when working on Stories My Grandparents Haven’t Told project. He’s one of the most positive people I met in my life. 

Well, there’s a lot to say about him but it’s better to watch the video below to get an idea. Vasyl has got a true story of real life in the Ukrainian mountains for you. Both present and past.

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Greetings from Ukraine, my friends!

Kind regards,

Andriy Dorosh