Jan 25, 2023 | Interview Project, video

Things we postpone may never happen

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Dear Friends,

As you know, a lot of things have been put on hold in Ukraine but we continue to work towards the victory and the end of death and destruction. 

Dorosh Heritage Tours and Ancestry Research in partnership with the Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation (www.CSUF.ca) have kept providing humanitarian support and helping Ukraine’s military since the beginning of the hot war. 

However, it’s also important for us to live our lives NOW and as much as possible to find some sources of joy and apply positive thinking in everyday life. Things postponed may never happen.

I would like to share a video that we produced about our customers’ virtual reunion with a Ukrainian family and a virtual tour of the ancestral village which can be possible at this time. 

Do you have relatives in Ukraine? Would you like to find and meet them? See what their lives are like at this difficult time? Listen to your family stories and record them for future generations? Or would you just like to see a video about your village and its life? At Dorosh Heritage Tours we bring families together and organize virtual tours. Feel free to get in touch

You can also use this link to join our FB group and keep exploring your roots and your ancestral country.  


Andriy Dorosh