Oct 31, 2022 | History, Interview Project, video

Unbreakable Ukrainian Spirit

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Dear Friends,

We live in a time of war. It’s when the fates of many people become so different than we all believe they should be. It’s a time of the challenges that our ancestors had to go through before. 

It’s when we discover many different features in ourselves. 

It’s when we should all be strong. It’s when we try to find positive things in our reality and focus on them to keep going. Genealogy research is one of the pieces of my prewar reality and I am very happy that we can continue doing it. 

We are also involved in the volunteer activity that our team does together with the Canadian Support Ukraine FoundationOur work has let me meet so many wonderful people recently. Alla, whose story I would like to present below is one of them. 

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Andriy Dorosh