Apr 8, 2022 | Interview Project, video

Witnesses of War in Ukraine. Tetiana

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Dear Friends,

I’ll make this post short. The videos will tell you everything. You have already met Tania’s mother Halyna, the refugee from Andriivka in Makariv district of Kyiv province if you watched the previous story. This is what their house is like now:

Halynas house in Andriivka

I received the photo from Tania yesterday.  She has also sent me a video of their street.  

A short interview with Tania was recorded in March. At that time, Andriivka was still occupied by the Russians and Tania’s family was in the shelter for the refugees in Novovolynsk in the west of Ukraine.  They are still living there now.  

Tania’s husband is already back in the village to see what is left and if anything can be fixed.

So many people I meet are determined to return and rebuild their towns. They want to live on their land and make it even better. 

Feel free to get in touch via www.CSUF.ca to learn how you can provide direct support to Ukrainians. 

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Andriy Dorosh