Apr 10, 2024 | History, Support Ukraine's Future

Supporting Vysoke

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This video is about the very special and warm connections between our Canadian friends and their ancestral village in Ukraine.

I admire the Canadian family’s love and continued deep care for the old country and its people, especially at this very difficult time, even though they do not have any direct relatives living here. 

The video will take you to the clinic in Vysoke. Most of the equipment used by the local doctors, as well as the major repair of the building was financed by Canadian friends.  The clinic serves all the surrounding villages of the community and it would simply not exist without their help. Quite a few lives have been saved there during COVID and afterward. 

It also includes meetings with the current village mayor and the former mayor who talk about how people live at this time. We have helped them to organize the central water supply, as well as settle many other matters crucial for local life. The 1st of our numerous common heritage tours and visits to Vysoke took place in 2011 and there have been quite a few support projects of this kind since then.

The video was shot about 2 weeks ago after one of the projects was finished. I am grateful for being able to share it. I hope it can inspire others to help those who need it right now. 

I take pride in the fact that our heritage tours of Ukraine and our genealogy work make such wonderful things possible. 


It’s important to invite you to join the Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation (www.CSUF.ca) which we have been cooperating with since the beginning of the hot war. 

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