Jul 17, 2023 | History, Interview Project, video

A Schoolgirl in the Soviet Camps

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It is unbelievable but Stefania was a schoolgirl when she was sentenced to 25 years (!!!) of work in camps. This video was filmed in 2021 as part of the Stories Our Grandparents Haven’t Told project and Stefania is not with us anymore. We have saved her story. It was an honor to meet her and learn from her.

The current events in Ukraine give another perspective on Stefania’s story. It is about what is being done by the Russians in the occupied territories today. It’s about what can happen if the world lets Russia win the war or escape the responsibility.

It’s important to add that throughout the interview, Stefania kept focusing attention on the fact that it is not her story only. She kept saying it was a story of thousands of people of many different nationalities she met in the camps on her way.

The interview was shot in the village of Koshliaky, Ternopil Province.

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Love from Ukraine.

Andriy Dorosh