Feb 16, 2021 | History, video

Bukovyna – Ukrainian Land. 1940 Soviet Propaganda Film. Part 1

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Bukovyna – Ukrainian Land is a film created in 1940-1941, right after the northern part of the region was annexed by the Soviets. It was directed by Julia Solntseva and Oleksandr Dovzhenko.

It is quite interesting to get a better understanding of how the propaganda system worked. How “the liberators”, “the liberated”, and “the oppressors”  were presented. How they explained the reasons for annexation. I’d say some parts are quite funny, as well as the style.  

However, I see even more value in it because it’s a wonderful time travel experience for those who are researching their roots. Not back to 1940 only. The village life you can see in this video since 1940 is pretty much the same it was in 1840 and earlier: it’s exciting to look into all details! Again, it’s important to remember that it’s a Soviet propaganda film. 

I have decided to add captions in English and below you’ll find the 1st part of the video. The narration is translated from Russian. There are 2 more parts to come. I only wish the quality was better but it’s the most we can get. Also, some parts in the original video are cut. 

The 2nd part of the video will show the Bukovynian lifestyle, farming methods, schools, lumber and wood products industry, crafts, and national clothes. If you like to get a notification when it’s ready, use this link if you like to sign up for my post updates. 

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P.S.: Huge thank you to my FB friends Олексій та Марія Кушнірук for sharing the film with me.