Jun 22, 2022 | video

Humanitarian Support in Your Ancestral Town

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Dear Friends,

We have recently delivered humanitarian aid to 82 internally displaced persons residing in several villages of the Byshkiv community, Lviv province.

It is the area where the roots of the Dorosh Heritage Tours’ customer and my friend from Sydney come from. 

You can provide direct support to people in your ancestral village as well. We can contact the local authorities to see what the real needs are, and help you to understand what is going on there.  You could help the families of the soldiers, displaced persons or help them to cover some other urgent needs. This war has influenced everyone.  

The Dorosh Heritage Team of volunteers works with CSUF, the Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation based in Calgary and you can contact them directly via www.CSUF.ca to learn about this possibility and to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine.    

Have a look at the short video we’ve filmed on the way to get the 1st hand account of life in Ukraine today. 


Andriy Dorosh

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