Sep 9, 2022 | Interview Project, News, video

Volunteer Bohdana

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Hello Friends,

You may have heard about our successful Kickstarter project: Stories Our Grandparents Haven’t Told.

It was aimed to meet elderly Ukrainians who survived WWII and Soviet rule and share their stories before they’re lost forever. I wanted to learn about the reality that our grandparents and the grandparents of the Dorosh Heritage Tours customers and friends tried to hide from us. 

Well, this is our interview with Bohdana, a 21 years old girl who goes to the front line today. In the 21st century! History is being repeated and we are at the center of all events again. 

It is an honor to know her and cooperate with her to provide supplies to the military. 

You can learn more and help the cause via, it’s the website of the Canadian Support Ukraine Foundation registered in Canada by our friends. The Dorosh Heritage Tours team works with CSUF to provide support in Ukraine. 

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Andriy Dorosh