Oct 30, 2023 | History, Interview Project, video

Life and Fight Under Soviet Occupation

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Hello Friends.

Mrs. Maria was born in 1929 and I met her in 2021 before the hot war in Ukraine started. Her generation was the witness to what the Russians brought to the west of Ukraine after Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

Mrs. Maria was not just a witness to those events. She was an active participant. It is shocking to see how many people were destroyed and how the fates and further lives of those who survived were affected.

Maria’s broken dream was not revealed in the video as she did not speak about it directly. Her fears were not expressed on camera. She dreamt of entering a college and studying to get a job. It sounds simple now but it was a big dream then. As a consequence of what she had to go through, she started to be afraid of going to the Soviet college not to be subjected to further persecution. And she lived under the Soviet regime most of her life.

I look at our children now and I think how this war will influence their lives.

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