Jan 15, 2024 | History, Interview Project, video

Grandfather’s Stories in a Ukrainian Village

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Talking to Oleksa felt like talking to the Grandfather. Experiencing the life of Oleksa and his wife Olya was like getting back in time when my grandparents were living.

Oleksa was born in 1940. The video was shot in 2021 before the hot war started. Oleksa and Olya come from the village of Myshyn near Kolomyia and there are no hostilities in that area today. It’s heartwarming to see their relatively comfortable village life after all the hardships of the past. 

I hope you like meeting Oleksa and listening to some of his stories. 

When I recall all the people we’ve interviewed as part of the Stories Our Grandparents Haven’t Told project, I see some common features: optimism and strong faith. It is essential to understand it now when there is war in our country again and we are living through similar times.

It’s a very helpful lesson. It’s also great to see what our past was like and learn how it shaped who we are today. You can join me on this journey at Patreon to receive updates and support my efforts to explore our heritage.

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Love from Ukraine. 

Andriy Doros