Apr 1, 2024 | History

Lubiaz Serenity

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Lubiaz child in cradle

In this post, I would like to take you to the beautiful Volyn province in the northwest of Ukraine. It’s where my mother’s paternal roots come from. 

The photo above was taken in the village of Lubiaz in the 1920s. Have a look at the map. The village is located on the lake and the Prypiat River flows through the northern side of it. Fishing was one of the main local occupations in those days. You can see the fishing nets above and the old boat beside the shed’s wall. Picking berries and mushrooms that are abundant in the forests was an important part of the local lives as well. This area is also rich in amber and excavations started in 1887.

I have found a few other pictures to introduce you to the local atmosphere. They were taken by Polish photographer Stanislaw Bochnig in 1929. 

These houses and the church do not exist because the village was burned to ashes by the Soviet partisans at the time of WWII. But the local nature is still as gorgeous and meditative as it was when the photos were taken almost 100 years ago. Lubiaz is a popular fishing and recreational destination. Great for camping and canoeing. Well, it was before the current war. 

Although the photos below do not fit into the tranquil image of nature I wanted to pass on, I could not miss sharing them. The local nature is not only picturesque but it’s fertile as well. The biggest pumpkin grown by Mr. Abramovych, the local farmer in Lubiaz was 170 kg. And the biggest crop he got from one potato was 25 kg.

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