Mar 19, 2024 | History, Research, video

Lviv Through Ancestor’s Lens

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Lviv is an amazing city to explore but it’s even more interesting to do it from the family history angle.

These photos include the elements of the early 20th-century apartment interior in Lviv. It is typical for the period when our customer’s ancestors lived in the city right before they took their train and left the country in 1913. 

We have been working on a very interesting genealogy research project recently. Its goal is to take our customer to all the locations where her family lived before emigration from Ukraine and try to reproduce the atmosphere of the old days.

The photos above were found at one of the real estate websites of Lviv as this apartment is for sale. I have the agent’s phone number and I hope I can see it in person and film all the details and traces of the past.

The ancestor was a Greek Catholic priest whose parishes were located in different towns and villages in western Ukraine. We’ve planned to include them all in a Virtual Tour video we will shoot in April.  

We also know the ancestors’ address in Lviv and we can conclude which streets, churches, and views could be part of their life. 

We may also include Shtuka Coffeeshop which has reproduced and restored the atmosphere of the prewar Lviv. It’s one of the authentic places worth visiting when you come to tour Ukraine and Lviv one day. The address is 8 Kotliarska Str. 

I hope to be able to share part of the video with you (if the customer agrees) once the project is finished. 

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Love from Ukraine.